Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Birchbox: August 2012

Got my Birchbox the day after Sample Society. I'm loving the box color. Thought the box looked a bit long as well so I did a comparison with an older box.

Wasn't too over the moon with this box. Looks like I have to change my profile setting again. EDIT: Just saw the sneak peeks vid. Looks like nothing is too interesting to me this month. Guess I'll stick it out with this profile setting.

I'll update with reviews as I try out the products.

FusionBeauty LashFusion XL

  • Supposed to be volumizing. It has a thick formula and a big brush.
  • Full size .42 oz worth $24, sample size .28 oz worth $16
Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur

  • Really like this scent. All the components are what I was thinking of using in a mix if I ever made one. The scent is light and fruity initially, and ends on a more mature note.
  • Full size 1.7 oz worth $70, sample size .05 oz worth $2.06
SHU UEMURA Art of Hair Cleansing Oil Shampoo

  • LOVE this product! Liked how it wasn't difficult to open the pack. Comes out clear, lathers a bit.
  • Floral scent, with a hint of green tea?
  • Having oil in the label made me automatically think, "Ok, definitely going to take color out of my hair". I was not prepared for the flood of red dye that came out. No worries though, I wanted some color to come out because it was actually a bit too dark for my tastes. If however, you have freshly colored hair that you want to stay that way, you may want to stay away for a while.
  • After rinsing, my hair was left sooo soft and silky- I don't even think conditioner is necessary. 
  • The price tag has me a bit sad- maybe I can save up birchbox points. This is why I sign up for sample boxes, lol. I would have never thought to go and try this on my own.
  • Full size 400 ml $55, sample size 15 ml worth $2.06
Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

  • This does moisturize well. Smells heavily of medicine though. It's yellow.
  • Full size worth 1.24 oz $16, sample size .1oz worth $1.29
Schick Hydrosilk Razor

  • It's designed differently from my Venus Embrace razor. The Venus has a piece of flexible plastic, whereas the Schick has a sliding mechanism. I wanted to see if the blades were exchangeable- they're not. The release mechanism is different. Venus has a push in, snap in mechanism, Schick has two pieces that have to move closer to insert into the blade head. Like so:  <     > becomes < > to fit in.
  • It did provide a smooth close shave, but I could feel that it wasn't as flexible (whether that's a good thing or not I don't know).
  • I'm more used to handling the Venus. Since a picture is a thousand words, I've posted a handful of comparison photos.
  • $9.49 at Target
Overall Box Worth: ~$30.95

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