Friday, August 24, 2012

Save on Scents Sniffies Order

I've become quite curious about scents since I don't know how to properly describe them. Thus, I ordered myself a few samples from Save on Scents to train myself. They allow you 5 scents/ order of Sniffies, but I accidentally thought it was 4 only = made 4 orders and only listed 16 scents. Man! If I had been in my right mind I would have only paid for 3 orders and removed a scent. Alas, SOS (haha!) contacted me and asked that I list 4 more.

I hate these sample tubes because they're almost impossible to open for me (feels like the contents will spill everywhere). And some did spill in the bag anyways. Careful, if you have oil on your hands, the ink on the label will get all over.

So below, I attempt to describe them =P Uh oh.

Sandalwood Classic: OH.. that's what that scent is. Not sure how to describe except to say that it's warm and something I smell frequently paired with vanilla.

Jasmine & Primrose: Lovely floral scent. Something that I smell often as a bath product- soap/ detergent.

Guava Fruit: It does smell like guava, but has a hint of something else- kind of like a candy + perfumey, but not in a nice way. Not a clean guava scent. Blegh.

Honeysuckle Rose- Smells like honeysuckle and rose. Doesn't blend well nicely. The honeysuckle takes over. It's also too "clean"/ simple of a scent.

Green Tea: Doesn't smell like green tea. Smells like some other perfume

Green Tea and Jasmine: I smell the Jasmine, but there's something funky with their green tea, so the scent is strange.

Essential Oils-

Cedarwood: Like a cedar block. Sharp, hint of a "grass" type of smell.

Lavender: Smells like lavender scented things. You're hit with a strong pungent nose clearing scent, with an underlayer of something slightly sweet and floral.

Lemon: I know what a lemon smells like, I just wanted to see if I could make any interesting combinations. This one smells like lemon, a little hidden sweetness, and a hint of the bitter citrus peel.

White Grapefruit: Mmmm! Smells just like grapefruit. Fresh citrus scent.

The below are "keynote" scents, supposedly commonly used for perfumery

Chypre: Smells like baby powder (or does baby powder smell like it?) but fuller.  Also spelled wrong on the label (unless they gave me the wrong thing)

Pimento: Sharp, woodsy, kind of like the cedar block I just bought to keep moths away. This is what leaked everywhere, so my scents are slightly contaminated. I like it, but feel that it is more appropriate in potpourri. Maybe in small amounts?

Thyme: Sharp, herby, slight "mint" kind of effect. Smells like something we use on bug bites (asian thing). Not really sure what other scents can be paired. Although this with the Chypre/Pimento combination makes for a warm "spicy" scent.

Tonka Bean: Yum! It has kind of an almond scent going on. You just want to eat it.

Galbanum: Wow that is intense X_X. Sharp, smells like when you break off a piece of a juniper plant or something.

Artemisia Wormwood: Smells like spices. Can't really describe more...

Sparkling Aldehyde: It does smell like a "sparkling" drink. And a little fruity.

Cardamom: Haha, this one is funny. Another spicy scent. Hint of mint/cinnamon (ok not really) thing going on. Hint of sweetness. Smells like cough drops- so eucalyptus?

FAVORITES: Tonka Bean and Sparkling Aldehyde

Speaking of scents, I'm trying to pick one to wear for when I meet people from 10 years ago (vacationing). I need something that says I'm more mature and successful (and yet the "real" me is still so childish and prefers lighthearted things). .__. It's because all these other people have successful children (my age), and it seems like I'm the only dud of the generation. It's currently between Oscar de la Renta's Live in Love and my Hello Kitty fragrance. Maybe I should bring both just in case. I have a couple others but those are more "stuffy".

These impression ("face") things are no joke. You can bet I'm loading my bag with all my makeup gear and contacts (can't look like a dork when everyone else is all beauti/handsomified). My toes are getting another coat of Zoya Indigo before bed- hands are getting Pasha- I think. Don't even get me started on shoes. I know I need a pair of comfy walking shoes, then the bronze platforms are coming, but not too sure if I want my maroon heels. AUGH.

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