Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Glossybox USA: July 2012

It actually arrived in July o_O. Glossybox really needs to find a new shipping partner. How can it take a week for a package to travel within the same state -___-. Granted, they do ship a lot of liquids so that probably restricts their shipping methods. Instead they should consider shipping a week earlier, and sending out notices maybe 4 days after shipment.

Everyone is watching Olympics, but for some reason I have little motivation. Instead I'll bring you many posts!

The theme for my box is Summer Nights.

Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm

  • Admittedly I wasn't too fond of seeing the foot cream in my Glossybox. BUT...
  • It has this minty smell with an underlying sweet scent. Reminds me of toothpaste
  • Not super thick, but you can feel the dense "moisturizing effect". It's got mineral oil and shea butter. That explains why my foot is feeling so silky. It was slipping around in my slipper. Don't misunderstand, my feet don't feel oily.
  • This seems like something that would go great in a winter Glossybox themed "Winter Healing"
  • Full Size 100 ml worth $18, sample size 30 ml worth $5.40
Ofra Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil

  • Glides on smoothly, doesn't wipe away immediately
  • First time using an eyebrow pencil. Applied on the left. It does make them look fuller. I just have to remember not to come too close to the middle.
  • Full size worth $10

Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampoo + Conditioner

  • Both products smell nice, but I'm liking the scent of the conditioner more.
  • Shampoo is white and a bit runny. Hair feels clean after. Not much to say
  • The condition dispenses like a mousse. You can see that the dispenser opening is different from any that you've seen before. The flat opening makes the product dispense in ribbons.
  • The conditioner just seems gimmicky in the beginning, but the product is also great. My hair is left smooth and silky. Granted, it's not as strong as the conditioners in the hairdye boxes, but it's not supposed to be. For an everyday conditioner I'm more than satisfied. My hair goes wild without conditioner. This one gets the job done.
  • Shampoo: Full size 8.4 oz worth $14.95, sample size 1.7 oz worth $3.03
  • Conditioner: Full size 6.6 oz worth $16.95, sample size 1.65 oz worth $4.24
Senna Cosmetics Double Dose Lip Lacquer- Chocolate Cherry

  • Slightly tacky texture, fairly good pigmentation.
  • The first thing I noticed about the darker shade was the smell. Smells like vanilla, chocolate, and something else. This may sound like a delectable combination for many people, but it made me feel sick to my stomach. I'm not a fan of vanilla scents, but it was really the mix of something extra that made me feel queasy. 
  • The lighter color has less of a scent and is also quite wearable. 
  • I am not one that is usually sensitive to scents, but in this case I had to take the lipgloss off.
  • Full size .34 oz worth $22
Almond and Aloe Hand & Body Emulsion by Caswell-Massey

  •  There was a sense of disappointment when I opened my Glossybox and saw sample packets. Then I saw that they were extras and all was ok again.
  • Really enjoyed this product. The almond scent is nice. Got into the car and thought "oooh, what is that lovely sweet smell. Oh wait, it's me, haha". But seriously- this stuff smells good. Then I slathered it on and thought to myself "Is this what bodies smell like after they've been poisoned with cyanide?"
  • My dry skin is dry no more.
  • Full size 10 oz worth $24, sample size .34 oz  worth $0.82.

Overall Box Value: ~$45.49

This will be my last Glossybox. I've already emailed to cancel subscription. While I do like some of the products, I felt like $21 was too much to shell out every month for boxes in which I only really liked about 2 items. I will just go back to experiencing Glossybox vicariously. $21 can seriously go towards getting you some nice things that you do want. I tried to hold out at least until I could get a free box  and collect more of these nice boxes to give others gifts in, but I just can't in these hard economic times. 

Check out my past Glossyboxes (and the items I liked from each) below:
1st, AP Refreshing Hydra Gel
2nd, Ahava Velvet Cream wash

I really wanted to like Glossybox but they have too many issues. Most of them are tech related. They've had so much time to get their act together, if stuff doesn't go smoothly soon, someone needs to be fired. I've never seen a website/company with so many issues.

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