Friday, August 24, 2012

What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

I came across this interesting post by Tarte Cosmetics attempting to relate lipstick shapes to your personality.

"Ever hear of the lipstick index? It’s the theory that lipstick is an economic barometer. Hmmm, cosmetics predicting finance… maybe. But one thing we know for sure is that the way you apply your lipstick can predict key personality traits.
Need proof? Reach into your bag, pull out your lipstick and compare it’s tip to the seven most common shapes of used lipsticks, which are listed below. Then let us know how closely your personality matches up!"

Thus, I went hunting to see which one I was. For the most part, my lipsticks have different shapes depending on how used they are. For the older ones, I noticed they take on a flatter shape. Then I read the description:

"Flat top: The Diplomat
She has a carefree disposition, she is eloquent… a born diplomat. Friends often ask her for advice, because she is a good listener and always gets to the heart of things. She handles her lipstick just as straightforwardly as she goes through her life. It is worn off flat and reliably. Women do not consider her a competitor, and men do not consider her a sex object – no matter how pretty she looks."
HOW SAD IS THAT?! On the one hand it's like, oh, nice. On the other it's like... wait a minute...
Now, what does it say if your lipstick's melted (got a few of those recently)?? You know this thing isn't too far off. My economic barometer is indeed indicating correctly- finances are in the pits.

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