Friday, August 17, 2012

Laneige BB Cream Review and Slice of Life

First things first. I finally finished reviewing the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cleansing Oil (Love it!) and Schick razor HERE.

So the Laneige BB cream. This is going to be a different kind of review because, the reviewing circumstances are a bit interesting. What happened was that I had always wanted to check out the little cosmetic alcove at H-mart. BUT, I was afraid the sales associate would hawk me. So I finally went with a friend. Apparently she and her mother frequent the area often and the sales associates know her mother. As feared, the sales associate would not leave us alone (expected). She constantly kept asking what we were looking for and would not accept the, "Oh, just looking..." answer. In fact, she kept trying to push product onto us. I'm talking REALLY pushing product onto us (unexpected). It seemed like she was rushing us snappily and by the end of it all my friend ended up with a $17 pot of lipgloss and $28 lip treatment. I was like... uh, did you really want those? (or did she pressure you into it?). Even my friend thought the sales associate was unusually pressing.

I'm the type that likes to look around first, and try random things on my own. If I like it, I'll take it, if not, I'll leave. I HAD NO CHANCE TO DO SO. Sales associate rang my friend up and practically shooed us away (it wasn't lunchtime or closing time or anything like that). I just barely managed to get her to let me try on a Laneige BB Cream. Truthfully, I wanted to swatch them all and decide for myself. She picked one out and swatched it on my hand and face.

IT IS SOOO NICE. I told her I had dry skin and she picked out this one that seemed to have a traditional character/ design on it (didn't get a good look). Yes, that means that I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS BB CREAM IS CALLED! T^T oh the horror!! The texture is lovely, it doesn't sink into the lines and look strange. Very moisturizing- it's like I don't have dry skin at all. I asked her how much- it looks like a travel size so I thought at most $30. "$16" I heard. What?! Hey that's not bad at all! So I said sure and went to pay. "$64.20". "What? I'm sorry, how much?" "SIXTY-FOUR TWENTY. The $4.20 is tax". "UHHH, sorry, I don't have that much money- I'll come back next time" NOT!!

It's a lovely BB cream, but $60+?! I'm sorry for such a tiny thing, no. The lady looked really pissed off when I left >.> oh well. It's not like I wanted to waste your five minutes. You didn't pronounce it right. Friend: "Did you think she said 16?" "Yea..." "Me too..". We agreed that if I REALLY REALLY liked it (I do), then $40 would hurt, but would be ok to do. $60? No -__-.

Then I got outside in normal light and saw that the shade was off anyways. Good thing I didn't get it. It was the heavens blessing me. Color is too orange, can you tell? It also doesn't have good coverage.


  • Extremely moisturizing.
  • Goes on smoothly and doesn't look strange in the creases.
  • Light-medium coverage
  • Expensive
We concluded that the lady does pick out nice products, just a bit snappy. She could probably use some products for her face too. Those eye bags make her look like in her thirties. For an asian that's not good- unless she's really in her fourties.

Do you have an idea of which Laneige BB Cream this might be? Let me know! If they have a lighter color I could probably do a more proper review after ordering samples. Meanwhile maybe I can try the cheaper Laneige Snow BB Cream.

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