Thursday, January 14, 2010

BCBG Paris Dragon Shoes

After oogling these shoes for the longest time online and seeing that it was way out of my price range my heart sunk and I decided to give up on them. Then, I saw them on the clearance racks at DSW, imagine my surprise!

So I tried them on in black first. I must say with these you have to go at least 1/2 a size down. Even then it was still slightly loose. I also noticed a plastic noise when I walked, not unlike child high heel shoes. I didn't like them as much and was very disappointed in how my image of these was shattered.

Then I saw the red ones, the ones I had originally and first seen. They were in my real size which means that they are loose. Still, the beautiful red lured me and I couldn't help myself so I decided to buy them anyways.

I must confess that I don't really like the ruffles, I think they're too flowery and I wanted to wear these heels anywhere and anytime i wanted to. I want them to be casual and formal shoes. So when I got home, I cut off the ruffles. I know. As soon as I did I had a panic moment and even wondered if I should replace at least one of the ruffles. The original stitching was crude anyways.

I also realized that the straps can be adjusted which helped greatly with the too big shoe issue. Only thing is that the ankle strap isn't adjustable, and as you can see, it's a bit big.

I can see why they stuck ruffles on, without them the shoes look off, and something is a little not right, but the more I look at them, the more I am convinced that had I not cut off the ruffles, these shoes would not be worn as much.

As for the plastic sound, I don't hear it as much. Maybe it's the issue of fit or something. It's still not the dull heavy thud of shoes of "better quality" I guess. =/
I definitely recommend for people to get the red ones. Honestly, the black ones don't scream of anything particularly special.

I think the cut off parts look a little like rose petals.

Excuse my toes =X

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