Sunday, January 17, 2010

Inglot: Will Visit Again

Who knew I would spend an hour picking my things in this teeny store? I almost walked right past it. As soon as I walked in, the saleslady was bent on making sure I knew what was going on. It may just be me, but she looked a bit old to be wearing lipgloss with chunky orange glitters. She started explaining the entire history of Inglot, which I already knew, but it didn't hurt, so I just let her continue.

I glanced at the AMC pigments, and while they have beautiful colors that change, I was determined in my goal of getting two palettes, eyeliner, and a nailpolish. I spent an hour picking my things. Yes, you heard right, who knew I could take so long? Well there was another girl there that took almost just as long picking two colors.

Thought I'd first give a pic of their brushes and prices. Can't really seem to find their prices around the net.

I hadn't planned on getting lip colors, but well, that was the smallest palette that they have and I wanted a concealer. At first I thought the lipcolors were more like gloss, but as a matter of fact they really are just lipstick in a pan. The colors I picked..I thought I liked in the dark, but when I saw the colors in the light...uh oh. The left is warm, and the right is basically a berry color. Doesn't quite go very very well with my skin. So I kind of mixed the two to create a color that I liked better.

I must say, they are VERY pigmented, one swipe was enough for a day look. Less product gives a brighter, more neonish bright look, more product gives darker effect. I noticed something that may be of concern, in a room of about 75 degress, the lip colors start sweating. Yes, sweating. 75 deg isn't that warm so...$16

The concealer is cream, and I do like that it doesn't dry out the skin. Only thing is that I think that I chose the wrong shade, haha, as you can see, it's even more yellow than the sonia kashuk. Once I dug in though, I saw that it was less yellow than the surface.

You have to be careful though, because this palette collects random debris like crazy! little shirt fibers will find their way in.

The eyeshadow palette isn't quite as pigmented as i had hoped. The dark green I was wishing was a dupe of Lorac's The Green Room since I lost it. No dice. A color that I liked better for the pink turned out to be way too shiny. It became more of a sheen really. So I tested this one out which didn't look as nice in the palette to me, the glitters looked chunkier. But it turned out to be not so bad, although really shiny just the same $26

The black is a swatch of the eyeliner, color #77

The nailpolish...I'm still waiting for the effects of my $14. Color is 630. Although it looks pink in the bottle, it comes out more gold, really really shiny actually. I'm almost blinded. (Edit: I found that if you apply a coat on top with Orly's Peroxide Gel then the pink comes out more!) The polish dries fast, but it still smells like crazy. After wearing it around for a day, I can confidently say for those of you who like to keep your manicures perfect and don't have time to reapply, this is not the polish for you. The surface scratches off like crazy. Oh, and has a streaky application. Edit: Read Here for an updated review.

The eyeliner, I tested and can see that it is pretty waterproof. It's not intensely black, but it'll do I suppose. Wouldn't want to end up looking crazy. $12

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