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Note: I'm having a preorder/spree for Etude house things from, so visit my post here

To tell you the truth, I didn't even know that this word was used other than to describe a bird. Recently though, I've been pouring over people's blogs and other sites to try to read the reviews and see the swatches of a few items that I was thinking of buying. This word kept popping up and all I could gather is that it's used when someone really wants something.

So I looked it up, and according to urban dictionary, it's basically used when you see someone post about something on their blog, and then you get really excited and want to buy it yourself.

Well then I guess I've been lemming for a GMarket haul, haha.

When I want something I tend to do this thing where I will obsess over it and read the reviews over and over and over again until I buy it. And that's pretty much what I'm doing right now; there are a handful of items that I want, but they do cost a pretty penny, and since I already don't have much I want to make sure I'm not wasting my $$.

Quick list of products I was looking at. Since I don't have enough money (GMarket shipping is so expensive T_T) I have to hold off on buying half of them.

Tony Moly:

Strawberry & Green Apple lip tints. I was thinking about the Grape too, since I wasn't sure if the tint colors would come out different, but apparently they come out relatively the same regardless of starting color so I thought I'd skip the grape since I don't think I'd like wearing it as much.

Eyeliner: many people says that the gel liner is excellent. I do already have the Inglot eyeliner and still really like it, but I'm in an itching mood to try out different ones.

Facial Wipes: Ok, I know this is a strange thing to buy, but I need like 20,000 won worth of stuff to not get charged the extra domestic shipping so I thought I'd take that extra money and at least spend it on something lol.

Tangerine hand cream: This I thought of in place of the grape lip tint, also to fulfill money quota. Seems like there's not many English reviews of this. It's a whitening cream.


Eyeshadows- Castledew VL331, 9157, GD9330
Castledew Lip tint balm
Showcase Lipgloss in #1
Castledew Oversetting gloss #18
And two other eyeliners (don't remember the specifics)

Banila Co:

Secret Blush in Delight and Love Letter
Red Annie Lipstick from Tokyo Scandal Line


Blushes in #2 and #4

Etude House:

BB Magic Balm
Stamp Blushes- was thinking #4 &5?
Proof 10 eye primer: this stuff has been said to be better than UDPP
Peach Water gloss- seems like this has relatively good reviews, they only have #1/4 on gmarket though, so I'm going to get #4. #1 is the watermelon one and somehow I just don't think I will like that as much. To tell you the truth though, I really wanted #4, 5, 6 but I don't have enough money haha
Lip Fragrance in Passionfruit. Haha I know this is a funny sounding product, but I want it as more of a novelty thing

I also want popcorn pens and an assortment of earrings. I wanted to wait and put the earrings along with hair stuffs in a possible future batch, but since I don't know if I will definitely have another batch, I decided to go ahead and put them in this one

I'm also interested in other shades of some of the products but I figured I'd try out the quality first to see if I like them, lol.

If any of you have tried some of these products before then please let me know how you feel about them! This way if one of them is a doosy you can save me from wasting money, lol.

Since this is my first time ordering from GMarket, if anyone has any insight on how the US customs works/ if you've ever been tax for how much then that would be very helpful since this is looking like a relatively big haul.

Meanwhile, Gmarket is deleting the items right out of my cart -___-. I saved them into my wishlist just in case but still, tedious, aiyah.

So I will update once I order and start the review marathon lol.

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