Friday, January 22, 2010

Lips Lips Lips

So I decided to do a post on lips since I've gotten my hands on a decent camera finally. Lip products I'm reviewing are B&C Makemani Lip Curving Silicone, Revlon's Absolutely Fabulous Lipstick in #51 Infatuation, and Elizabeth Arden's Starlight.
So like many of you, I was lured in by this absolutely gorgeous ad featuring plump milky lips. I was even convinced enough to shell out $13. I cringe when I read this now.

Swatches of the before and after of the lip gloss. I liked the one in clear. You can see that you do sort of see the same effect after a little while. But I think the texture is what I dislike the most about this gloss. It's really sticky, when I say sticky I mean STICKY. It's also a bit sweet so I start to feel like that instead of having silicone on my lips, I have heavy syrup coating my lips.... is what I thought the first time I wrote this, but I tried it again (after not being able to find my usual of course) and there's no sweetness, so I'm not sure what I was talking about. The gloss also becomes absorbed after about 2 hrs and you get plain sticky lips. Like a child who's just finished a lollipop. I rarely use this (only when I can't find my other glosses). This is another disappointing buy. The one good thing that I will say though is that it's odorless, so that's a plus for some of you.

Elizabeth Arden's Starlight: At least I think that's what this color is. This lipstick is very creamy, it shows up darker in real life, just a little. I use this over a little gloss when I want just a little more color in my lips. I really like this color and have about 1 cm left in the tube.

Last, I've retaken pictures of Revlon's Absolutely Fabulous Lipstick in #51 Infatuation because I didn't like the pics from before. I would say the color is about 2x as intense as these pictures and the shading is more like the second picture's. Again, this isn't very drying, but because of the color I don't think I'll wear it out at all.

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