Friday, January 22, 2010

Nails: Orly Gorgeous and Catch the Bouquet vs Inglot

So as promised, here is my review on these Orly nail polishes. I think they costed me around $6 each at Sally Beauty.

This entire line of colors I found to be beautiful, irresistible. The left picture is 1 coat, and the right is two. Catch the Bouquet is on the left and Gorgeous on the right. The goldish color on my middle toe is Inglot's 630.

I apologize sooo much for my toes >.<. It's cold and my skin has a nasty habit of drying and peeling. My dad even bought me Lamasilk Foot Cream, but it's just like putting a bunch of Glycerin on, absolutely no help T_T.
Orly I found not to chip, it's more like it starts to fade and wear off. I'm a little disappointed because I was expecting Catch the Bouquet to be more of a baby pink. The glitters make it a sharp pink. As you can see, the colors are quite sheer, for more of a pop effect you might want to layer over black or some other darker color. Gorgeous is this magenta pink with a violet/ blue sheen.

I'm currently selling the Catch the Bouquet in my shop! (link on side) So if you think this color might be for you then hop on over.

The Inglot 630, I reviewed, before, but I thought I'd give another update review now that I've worn it a couple of days. As you can see in the left pictures, it's color in the bottle is a light pink color, I want to say a peachy pink, but when applied, the color comes out the color of the sheen, a gold color. I'm guessing this is the effect for all of the O2M line, so just be aware.

You'll also notice that I have several chip marks and scratches on my nails. I have to tell you that nail polish tends to stay very well on my nails, when I paint my toes, the polish doesn't chip or anything until I take it off with remover months later (yes, months!). So for this expensive polish to be coming off already when $1 polishes don't budge is really upsetting.

It's supposedly the same materials as what contacts are made out of and supposedly increase nail breathability. I don't know if it has more oxygen in my nails now, but I can tell you that my nails still have the same "smothered" feeling as when I use other polishes.

I also noted that this gives a streaky application. It's like there's more clear stuff than pigment so it doesn't cover the nails quite all the way. When you first put it on, for the first day to two days, it feels like the nails will scratch on anything, but by the end of 2-3 days, the polish will have become of a harder finish.

I have to say though, I am getting used to the color and quite like it now. Still wish it were a tidge more pink though, to make a dusty rose gold color. $14? =/ I'll have to think some more on whether or not I would repurchase this.


Well my friend finally screamed at me "Why didn't you use a topcoat?!" So this time I did and yes, haha it does make it better. The topcoat gives the polish a harder finish and now I can go...1week without it chipping lol. I actually tried using basecoat as well, but it turns out so many layers doesn't dry well. I spent two hours trying to paint and dry them, only to mess them up in the shower again (it was late so I just went ahead and showered when I thought they were mostly dry. big mistake lol. I'm liking the color more and more, once it dulls some it doesn't look so blinding @.@. Still wish it were a tidge more pink though.

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