Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Lipstick: Pk005, BE101, Pk008

On the whole, I'm a fan of Etude House lipsticks. The formula is non-drying, and the pigmentation is fairly good. Admittedly their new line wasn't that appealing to me at first, but I thought, "What the heck". The Dear My Blooming Lips line's concept is that there are 24 shades you can choose from depending on your "mood of the day".

I selected PK005 & BE101 which are supposedly their "Hot colors". In addition, I picked up PK008.

Look at the cute logo stamp ^^

The packaging overall is a bit on the teenage childish side. The lipstick however, I find to be very moisturizing.

PK005: Looks a lot brighter in the tube. Applies a bit more subtly, but still eye catching. It can look a little uneven in application if you're not careful.

BE101: Warm nude, good for and autumn color. Wasn't what I was really going for. If this suits you, email me juicedmang0s@gmail.com. $7 shipped in the US.

PK008: It looks rose mauve in the tube, but applies closer to a fuchsia. Most excited about this color. I just lost one of my favorite cool toned lipsticks, so it's nice to have something to hold me over until I get it replaced. I was also contemplating getting Butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic, but I think this is pretty close. 

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