Wednesday, September 19, 2012

GMarket Order Update


     As some of you may have read, I recently put in an order to GMarket. This post will be where I post short (hopefully!) updates on how the order is progressing. Crossing my fingers that all goes well from here on out.

So I already encountered 1 problem. The Amore Pacific product seller decided they weren't going to ship the Laneige skincare products that I have been desperately wanting to try. It's extra frustrating because all my items had arrived to the GMarket warehouse within 3 days, and here is this one seller holding up my entire order. It seems GMarket gives the seller 1 week to send the items before cancelling the order. 1 week passed and today I received the notice that GMarket had cancelled my order for the items =(. I really hope the seller gets some sort of penalty for not following through since we can't even leave feedback about it.

Hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow the package will have been weighed and ready to ship. I have another order set up because I wanted to use up all the extra money in the GCash account. I wanted to wait until they refund me the extra money from the first order first though. My plans have been fouled by this hiccup ~_~. I will try to order the Laneige products from another seller.

I noticed the quickest to ship are the small time sellers. They had my items on their way by the next day.


Order has shipped!


Package is in NY! No way! How did it get to the US so fast?! Unfortunately now is the hard wait. It's probably going to be stuck in customs for days.


Oh my goodness! Somehow it sped through customs this time and has made it into my state! I should probably prepare to open the door tomorrow. Hopefully the delivery person knocks or presses the doorknob hard enough...

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