Friday, September 21, 2012

A Glance at Allure October 2012

This month's magazine is especially thick. As with the previous glance at Allure posts, it will not contain pretty pictures. Just ones for illustratory purposes.

I've never been a fan of Blake Lively. It's not that I hate her (don't know her, how could I?), just not especially interested. Heard she got secretly married? Congrats I guess?

Lancome La vie est belle: There's a certain youthful sophistication to this scent. Perfumy scent (not cloying), with a hint of sweetness underneath.

Is it bad I wish her a haircut instead?

One of the most irkful things are homewreckers. Just the idea of them gets me so mad! Really don't understand the "Beauty by Numbers" title of this page. There is nothing beautiful about a third wheel.

There's so little of the sample you can't really tell how much "lifting" it does. Texture is ok. My skin is still a bit dry. Doesn't smell very nice- like chemically/ unscented.

These are cute.

For some reason the Musts are more appealing than the Lusts. Except for that bag down at the left and the shoes on the right.

Eyes shot right to the top left.

Such cute bags. The tangerine color was more for summer though, we're moving into fall with the cobalt blues now. Maybe this is pumpkin colored for October? Favorites are the Tory Burch in the upper right, the Miu Miu right below, and the kate spade at the lower left.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir: Such a lovely scent. Unintrusive. Just as the description says, my first impression is that it's graceful and sophisticated. There's a certain power with that grace. More passive aggressive than aggressive. Elegant. This floral would be a night scent for me. Later in the magazine it says that this is named for a flower without much of a scent, but instead smells of roses and irises. 

This little article was surprisingly an interesting read. I personally don't know much about alcohol. It's sad that an effective pickup technique is to go through the target's friend. The friend must feel so used. And you would pay $26 for a Long Island Ice Tea?

Jimmy Choo Parfums: This one made me giggle for some reason. It says "Imagine Femininity, luxury and style... Bottled". Definitely feminine. I got the "I'm on the prowl" message from this scent. It smells like someone out to have fun, flirt, whatnot. Don't really know how to describe the main scent, but it has a hint of fruity undertones.

L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB: I'm purposely leaving this in here until I can review it this time! Last time I took it out, and now it's disappeared. Look forward to the review in the next few weeks.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: MJ makes the cutest packaging. My friend recently got the Daisy Marc Jacobs and I've been wanting to take a whiff. Daisy Marc Jacobs is supposed to be "Sunny. Happy. Free". Smells like a simple floral. light. I found Daisy Eau So Fresh to be hilarious. It's supposed to be Exhilarating, Bubbly, Playful, but it smells like one of my hair dyes instead. Maybe the John Frieda one.

Most people don't pull off extreme hair color well. It's mostly "might as well" or "just feel like it" (nothing wrong with that I guess)

Katy Perry on the other hand, pulls it off beautifully. Her hair is extreme, but it always looks like hair with a purpose- polished, not sloppy. Love it. Kudos to her and her hair stylist.

The Best of Beauty. I was wishing that they would do swatches of the items, but on a separate page far away they have the master list of products with photos. I'd really like to try the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. This Coastal Scents one is smudging like crazy.

I absolutely love the Ponds cleansing wipes. The little nubs help me to really scrape off (if necessary) makeup. They're also gentle enough to use for the eyes, and take off waterproof makeup nicely as well. ^^. Oh look, Givenchy's Dahlia Noir is on the Fragrance list.

Loving the hair and makeup.

...this may be one for child services.

Somehow this one is not ok, and yet ok at the same time.


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