Monday, September 10, 2012

Birchbox: September 2012

As I was pining away for my Birchbox, I decided to track it again just for good measure. Strangely the status had updated to "Delivered". Turns out no one picked up the mail today. Thus, I braved the chilly night winds to rescue my Birchbox!

It's not an amazing box, but to me it's better than August's. (Really like the Shu Uemura Shampoo Oil though!)

1. 21 Drops Aromatherapy Blend- Focus

  • The funny thing about this is that I had previously checked out this line while contemplating what would be a good gift for a grieving family. I went to Sephora in the meatpacking district specifically to test the scents out. They totally killed my nose. I'd never smelled anything so foul before.
  • This particular blend just hits me with a lot of mint. I still can't focus on the work I'm supposed to do, but I suppose it's nice for clearing out stuffed nostrils.
  • I know there have been complaints that this particular product doesn't last long. I only applied this product not 20 minutes ago and the scent has faded to where it's only slightly perceptible if I put my nose right up to my skin.
  • The roll on bottle for this, and the packaging is quite cute.
  • Full size 7.5 ml $29, sample size 2 ml worth $7.73
2. Color Club Birchbox Custom Polish- Status Update

  • This was disappointing mainly because of the color. I don't use very dark colors much, especially gray. Truthfully I was hoping for Put a Pin in it to see if it could replace my other rose gold color.
  • The formula is smooth and has good coverage. I only have 1 coat on in the photo.
  • If this had been in a different color, then I might consider this box to be fairly decent
  • Full size $8
3. Kate Spade New York- Twirl

  • Saw a big bottle of this at Marshalls and contemplated purchasing it, but decided against it since I'd never tested it. The packaging design is so cute with the gold dots.
  • Sophisticated, but has that classic perfume scent. I was actually expecting some sort of sweetness or "sparkle" factor to the scent. Smells average to me.
  • Love the spray application
  • 3.4 fl oz $80, sample .05 fl oz worth $1.18
4. Twistband

  • It works, but really I kind of expect these to be more of "extras". And for goodness sake is it possible to make it a continuous elastic instead of this elastic that has to be tied on the end? It looks like a kid tried to put together a makeshift hair tie
  • EDIT: This is simply too loose to hold my hair. Slides off eventually. Not a fan.
  • 12 for $18, sample worth $1.50
5. Wei to Go


After application of tinted moisturizer 

  • I didn't think I would like this at first, but surprisingly this concept appeals to me. You have basic cleanser and makeup in little packets to take with you whenever you're out. This way you don't have to worry about lugging around full sized products and having them spill. LOVE that the tinted moisturizer can be closed again for future uses.
  • The moisturizing tint in "Light" is actually a little too light for me (have to wait a couple more winter months). It looks to be a fit for NW15. Medium to heavy buildable coverage. Good for normal skin. Not oily.
  • The tinted moisturizer does highlight some dry patches in my skin, but that may be because it's not quite my color. As a "quick fix" I wouldn't mind using this product.
  • Full size .5 fl oz + .33 fl oz $19, sample size .02 fl oz + .10 fl oz worth $3.35. I used the values from the full size to calculate estimated sample value, The kit is actually $0.44 more expensive then the same amount of product from each of the full sizes.
6. Tili Bag

  • This doesn't really appeal to me, but I suppose to each his own. The designs don't look particularly fashionable in the first place, and I actually like to see what's in my ziploc bag. Completely personal preference though. And now I have a random plastic bag.
  • 12 for $8.49, sample worth $0.71
Surprisingly this box is worth ~$22.47. 

My sample society box should be arriving tomorrow so hopefully there's something good there.

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