Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zoya: Arizona, Wednesday, Shelby, Tracie, Marley, & Perrie Review

I've been sitting on these pictures for a while, but with the inclusion of Arizona in this month's Glossybox, I figured it was about time to post these.

Ordered some Zoya shades~ They gave me a Sugar Scrub for free! It's actually really good and I've been including it into my daily scrubbing routine. The sugar crystals don't melt as fast as the salt crystals so it really helps to exfoliate my dry skin (skin is so smooth) Slight lemon scent.

Turns out I got 2 Pierres by accident. If you would like it, I'll send it to you for $6.50 SHIPPED in the US- email

Why are they sideways? No idea. Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

Wednesday- Dries a shade darker than I would have liked (expecting it to be a bit more pastel).  Not quite sure this is "me". Lovely color though. Opaque with 2 coats. NEEDS basecoat. I thought I didn't need one since I was just painting my nails to swatch, then take off. It stained my nails.

Tracie- The only one of the Beach Collection that has shimmer. It is a sour apple green, very cute. Opaque with 3 coats.

Shelby: Bright barbie doll pink, was not expecting this. Cream shade that applies fairly streakless.

Marley- I've seen the swatch for Marley and mentally I know it's not the lavender shade I want, but for some reason I got it anyways. It's very very very light with silver shimmers- a cool effect

Perrie- The most opaque and smooth application of the lot. Again, Pierre was bought as part of my lavender search. Clearly it is not anywhere near lavender as you can see here. Opaque with 1 coat, but use 2 for insurance. I may have to try Essie or something to find that color. 

Arizona- Again, dries a shade darker than I'd like. Not sure this goes well with my skin tone. Opaque in 2-3 coats. This color was very bright, so when I went outside, I layered it with the Pink Chinaglaze Crackle Polish on top. No topcoat though- only planning to wear for a couple hours.

I'm just not feeling these colors compared to my skin tone. With the exception of Tracie, all the rest can be purchased for $6.50 SHIPPED in the US. EMAIL me at

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