Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Slice of My Life: Bday

So my bday just happened, and tbh I'm kind of bummed! You know how your bday is supposed to be a day where you're extra special and people bend over backwards for you? Well, for once in my life I didn't feel that way at all. Instead, it just seemed like such a normal day. Most important is that I myself didn't get the usual "it's my bday~" tingle. Is it because I'm getting older?! (must fight aging!)

Supervisor at work offered to let me off, but I declined because I realized that everybody was busy doing something or other. At the most, I'd just head out to the mall and do some retail therapy. But what's the point in that? I can do that Thursday/Friday when I normally don't go in to work.

Started off the day missing the train by seconds. This led to me being an hour late to work overall. -___- not a great start. Got to work and it progressed like normal. My coworkers did give me a Crumbs cupcake though! Then I got home and we went straight to Sushi Palace to try out their sushi. Ate wayyy too much. It feels like a 9 month old food baby. There I saw a close acquaintance, but was too shy to call out to them (they were in a group with some others). That doesn't excuse them from not even texting happy birthday =/.

At the conclusion of the day, I realized that retail stores wish me a happy bday more than my own friends do. >_> They give me coupons and gifts (love gifts) at least. Even people who I thought were pretty close, haven't wished me a happy bday yet. I managed to guilt a couple more into wishing me happy bday after pointing out that that one acquaintance failed to (in a gentle light humored way of course ;D), but who wants to have to guilt people who are supposed to be their friends into wishing them a happy birthday? Ah well.

I also saw a couple high school kids walking around that made me nostalgic. They had that carefree we own the world attitude. High school was when we walked around convinced that we knew what was up. We made the rules, and anything was possible.

Conclusion of the sushi? It wasn't bad, but not the best in the area. I'll have to ask friend where we went last time where the mangos were really ripe. They have a $25 omakase which is filling enough (other places you have to spend around $80 at least).

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