Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hodge Podge

This post is going to just be a mix of things.

Firstly, congratulations to Amanda Cook for winning the Birchbox giveaway! ^^

Secondly- Wow. I had an interview, so to tame all the random frizz I put on some of the Oscar Blandi Jasmine scented hair oil. My hair looked so polished and put together after, haha. I may just invest in buying the full sized. Speaking of interview, I uh... kind of messed up on all the important parts X_X. So keep me in your prayers because I really need a miracle.

Third- Thanks to all who made my Free Things sale a success. New homes were found for most items!

Fourth- even though the customer service person I emailed said that they canceled the Allure subscription for me, I got the June issue >.>. Ugh, at least I got the rebate. It's just that 80% of this magazine is advertisements, so really getting these month after month is annoying and more work to throw out. If you're bored, it's not bad to look through. Let's take a look.

The Covergirl lip product below I've just always found weird. It initially sounds cool, but ehhh not digging it too much.

THIS I thought was a cool nail effect. Almost makes me want to buy the two products to try it out. Love how the gold glitter fades out.

I honestly never knew you could insure body parts.

After colored pants, it's now colored clutches. I wouldn't mind having a couple of my own.

This surprisingly smells nice. Both scents. The male scent is sharp, crisp, business like. I really like it- if there were another guy on the elevator with me, I'd want him to smell like this haha. The female scent is less sharp with a hint of sweetness. I wouldn't mind having this scent, but it's not making me obsess nonstop. Neither have that "hollow" scent that quite a few perfumes seem to have these days (not complex enough scent), so that's good.

This is the fattest sample I've ever seen in a magazine. Thank you John Frieda. Something about Repair. I'll have to test it out- it comes out in drops apparently.

Admittedly I'm enticed. And now I'm trying to find a way to get to Kohls to check out Vera Wang's makeup collection.

Essie has a few of these themed ads in here. The setup is different to showcase the respective colors.

@.@ Pretty.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious to try, but I'm kind of tired of trying out tints. I have a couple that I like and that's good enough for me. (yay tony moly!)

These photos in the back are the reason why I go through Allure mainly. The spread in the very back for this issue had a model that I wasn't really interested in, but the shoot below is lovely.

It's mousse themed. Yes, I'm from the generation where girls went around in high school with the exact same  blonde beach wave perm (exact size, specs, everything. they might as well as have been wearing wigs), and slathering on mousse for a constant wet look. Personally, I'm for the natural curl look. I would curl my hair and put just enough mousse in to hold my style without adding any crunchiness. It looks really nice and natural (like the photo below). Seeing this is a bit surprising because of that. My hair had that "perfect curls" effect and once a friend (who I saw every week for 3 years) came up to me and asked if I were wearing a wig. She didn't believe it was my natural hair.

Love the eyes especially in the shot below. 

This is a gorgeous shot. The earrings rock! It says they're " Brass and rosewood earrings by Herve Van der Straeten". Couldn't find how much these earrings are, but the matching necklace is $835.

And they tell you how to achieve the effect

It's almost Monday, so Happy Monday!


  1. Boo! I didn't have a sample in my magazine! :(

  2. =/ Well, you're not missing much. Just as I suspected, it's mostly air. There's enough for maybe one use. Smells perfumy.