Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Eshiko Face Powder

I've been on the hunt for a good setting powder. One that is able to diffuse light and make pores appear smaller and skin smoother. It's mainly brought on by seeing the unbelievably smooth finish of skin in Robert Jones' makeup book. I hate how the products are unlisted.

Eshiko claims to have particles 1/5 the size of Make Up For Ever's HD powder. People say that Eshiko is less drying and better. Make Up For Ever some have said is terrible for flash photography.

Surprisingly this product was shipped from Singapore. Was not expecting that.
It is much bigger than I though it'd be. 10g sounds so tiny and other people have pictures that don't make it seem substantial.

The sticker covering the openings is made of paper and rips into pieces- annoying! Then there's all this plastic around the rim. Neither of these things kept powder from leaking out.

Can you tell which side I applied the powder to? Yea neither can I. It's on the left side of the picture. I noticed the shine was gone from my face, and very minimal softening. The good thing is now you know it's ok for flash photography and not drying. I could try packing it on with a puff instead of applying with a brush. 

$30 is too much for such little effect. 

EDIT: See my comparison of Eshiko vs MUFE HD

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